Stretch films are used for packaging and protection of product during transport and storage. Characteristics of films are: big elongation, resistance on damage and high transparency. Which film to choose depends from product that to be wraped and also from the packaging machines. Stretch film is mostly used for wrapping- wrapping pallets, which stabilized the product, and also protect him from moisture and dirt. We offer you a wide assortment of the stretch films, that are suitable for any way of packaging. If you not sure which film suits your needs, we will help you.

Stretch films - ENO films

Protect your product by using the most quality stretch film.

A film from whom it’s made, is also a very important thing when we are talking about the quality of the stretch films. Our films are made from the special stretch ENOFILMS, German company specialized exclusively for production of the stretch films and its proved that reduced consumption of the stretch films for amazing 60%.

ENOFILMS crvene hilzne za streč foliju
ENOExtreme film

Manual and machine packaging

Manual stretch

Manual stretch film.

Manual stretch film, very quick and easy, you can stretch a smaller product. We offer a stretch film with a dimension for manual packaging as well as the hand tool. Wrapping products manually is the most used way of product protection. Like with every stretch film hand version of film is adhesive only from the inside to prevent sticking pallet to pallet.

Ručni streč, ručna streč folija

Machine stretch film

Stretch film machine packaging offers a much more efficient way of product protect. In dependence of machine that is used, it might be used a different sizes and thickness of the stretch films.

Machine wrapping of pallets with a stretch film could be manual and half manual, and it is the best way for the product to be classified on pallet, preventing their fall, as well as protecting them from the same external influences.

We offer machines with a pre-stretch system.  Using this system can make big saving of stretch film up to 400%.