We have a wide assortment of machines and bonding tools with PPi and PET tape with a goal of automatization of bonding process.

With a high speed and easy use, semi-automatic and automatic machines are designed for bonding different categories of products such as: newspapers, boxes, cartons, textiles etc.

Hand tool for bonding- PP, PET and steel tapes

Hand tool for bonding- PP, PET and steel tapes

Hand tool for bonding with steel tape is the simplest way of bonding. It contains a combined function (tightening and binding tape). There is a hand tool which is powered by a battery, and it reducing effort and gives much easier way for workers to bond tapes.


Semi-automatic tool for bonding PP tape

Their use is only for PP tape. They are multi-purpose machines, so they can be used for almost every product (fruit, vegetables, newspapers… )

poluautomatski vezivni alat TP-202Y

Automatic tool for bonding

This is a simple machine for use and maintenance. It is most reliable machine for PP tape on the market. The machine contains:

  • Electronic belt tension
  • Automatic ejection
  • Automatic tape insertion
Automatic stripping machine TP-601A Tauris