Pallet wrapping machines

They offer quality and safe solution for packaging using stretch film. Semi – automatic or automatic wrapping machines it’s your choice. Be sure that your product will be safe during transport and protected from external influences.

There are also accessories for the machines which upgrade their work, economy and efficiency. Certain machines provide combination of economy accessories “Pre stretch system”, which achieve an incredible result of saving stretch films (300%).

We are proud of our partnership with one of the biggest producers of packaging machines, “Effe3ti”, Italian company which produce exclusively machines for wrapping pallets. We are sure that you will find a solution for packaging in our wide range of machines.

Depending on the product and way of packaging, the machines are divided: machines with a rotated table, with a rotated hand, horizontal, burning stove with thermosetting foil, and self- propelled machines – robots.

Machine with rotary table - Spinny

Spinny - machine for pallet wrapping

Fully automatic or semi-automatic wrapping machines with rotating table, suitable for any packaging requirement.
Wrapping machines with rotating table represent a particular type of packaging machine. They are equipped with a platform on which the pallet is positioned, which rotating, allows the stretch film to wrap the entire pallet according to different work programs selectable by the control panel.

Machine with rotary hand - Rotax

Automatic wrapping machine with rotary hand Rotax S5300

Designed for heavy or very big products, the wrapping machines with rotating arm are the best solution. Fully automatic or semi-automatic, they allow the wrapping of your products without the need of placing them on a rotating platform: is the arm of the machine itself that rotate around the pallet.
Best use of these kind of machines is also if you need to wrap unstable pallets.

Horizontal strapping machines


These machines are designed for the products to be taken in a horizontal position.Horizontal stretch wrapping machines are the perfect solution for long-life products and not only. They increase productivity in the case of packaging,

Horizontal packaging machines offer the possibility to cover large quantities of production in a short time, and the packing cycles and feed rate parameters can be set according to application characteristics.

Thermo shrinking ovens

Thermo shrinking oven with thermo shrink foil TS32

The thermo-shrink oven TS/32 is available in two versions: Gas and Electric. Both versions guarantee a perfect thermo-shrink process for the protection of your products from water and dust.

Robot Oscar

Self propelled - robot Oscar

The self-propelled wrapping machines (Robot) are battery powered and can be used anywhere by everybody, as they are very easy to use and can wrap pallets of any dimension without moving in other places.