Tapes for special use in different brunch of industries. In this category are the tapes such as: duct, reinforced, double sided and Aluminum tapes. They are used by the: plumbers, airplane industry, construction, automotive, but the biggest usage is in the DIY industry, their usage is wide.

By using a duct tape you can fix almost anything. The most popular and the most famous tape is necessary in every household.

Aluminum tape is necessary in the field of air conditioning and sewage systems.

Both sided, double sided or double adhesive tape is suitable for the carpets montage and floor coverings, as well as on irregular and rough surfaces.

Special duct tape

Catalogue of special tapes

Special duct tapeT&GSP100-199

Adhesive duct tape – T&GSP100-199

Widely known and popular duct tape. There is no problem that this tape cannot fix! U can use it for any purpose, so the biggest use is in DIY industry.