Packaging tapes are used for sealing light, medium and heavy weight boxes. Application is available with manual or automatic sealing. We are offering you packaging tapes like: PVC, printed, solvent and acrylic adhesive, etc.
If you are uncertain which tape is convenient for your business, Give us a call! Our professional team will help you to choose wise.

By using the right combination of adhesive, material, we are creating extraordinary quality of our adhesive tapes.

Our Packaging tapes – Tape&Go respects all regulations and requirements. They are made from Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film (BOPP), making them ECO FRIENDLY product.

white, transparent, brown tape&go carton sealing tapes
Custom printed JCB tape - Tapeandgo

Custom printed packaging tape

Custom printed tapes are products we are the most proud of! They are quite different than ordinary carton sealing tapes. Per your request, we can print your logo on tape! That way, you ensure that your product is secured and it is a great way of marketing.

Packaging tapes catalogue


Dispenser – T&GDSP01

Packaging tape Dispenser for manual carton sealing. Offers easier and quicker application.

Custom printed JCB tape - Tapeandgo

Premium printed tape – PVC – T&GPRSPVC

Polypropylene or PVC pressure sensitive printed tape. Designed for manual or automatic carton sealing. Customizable with sandwich printing process up to 6 colors ( printed on the film before coating phase ).

premium printed tape

Premium printed tape – T&GPRS

Custom printed tape with premium quality. Used for non-critical carton sealing, suitable for manual or dispenser use. With adhesive based on water (acrylic) and sandwich printing process, it is one of the best and most quality tape!

Printed paper packaging tape – T&GPPT

Paper printed tape. Designed for carton sealing. It’s possible to print company or brand logo on it. Due to it’s ecological characteristics, you can recycle tape along with the box.

PVC white tape for packagingT&GCS1400-1499 LN

Silent PVC tape – 53mic – T&GCS1400-1499

Customizable ( printable ) PVC tape which is silent during use. Offers instant adhesion, long lasting adhesion, and ease of use on irregular surfaces. It can be used along with dispenser.

PVC colorized tape for low temperature conditions

Silent PVC tape – 58, 60mic – T&GCS1500-1599

Self-adhesive PVC tape for sealing. Offers great mechanical resistance, temperature changes and long lasting adhesion. With an option of customizing ( printing ) logo on the back of the tape,

it also offers wide range of colors ( orange, blue, green, yellow… ).