Masking tapes, also known as a painter tapes, are pressure sensitive adhesive tapes.  Mostly they are being used to protect internal and external surfaces during painting work, as well as in other branch of industries: automotive, DIY, construction, shipping industry…

It can be found in different colors and sizes. We are offering wide range of paper, crepe, and semi crepe tapes which is distinguished with high quality material and adhesive.

masking tape 19mmx33m
Blue masking tape for naval industry

Masking tapes for painting and painter works

When we are talking about painting and painter works, our tapes offer a great precision, resistance and easiness during work. Professional painters loves it, also people who like to experiment with a masking tapes. With a high quality, which our tapes offer, you can use it on high and low temperature, they are resistant on UV rays, moisture…

Masking tapes for automotive

Auto repair service will maybe not fit in with standard tapes. Exclusively for that purpose, we made the high quality tapes, that are made of quality material and adhesive that stands out with its longevity and mechanical resistant, also compatible with moisture and solvents. Does not residue after application, and has a big resistance on temperature. With our masking tape, you are not only protecting your surfaces, you are also making a masterpiece.

19mm x 33m green automotive masking tape

Catalogue of adhesive masking tapes