Our adhesive tapes are characterized by high quality, endurance on the specific external influences and a good adhesive. As such, they have their purpose in every field of industry. Using only a quality material, we want to provide our clients only the best!

We produce adhesive tapes on Polypropylene surface (BOPP) and high quality adhesive of newest generation is applied to film.

PVC colorized tape for low temperature conditions
Vodafone Printed tape Tape&Go

Tape and Go tapes are distinguished by quality endurance and adhesive, as such they have their purpose in every branch of industry.

Our tapes had health safety certificates, and as such they can safely be used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Values are in %

  • Printed tape
  • DIY and specialties
  • Masking tape
  • Packaging tapes

Adhesive tape popularity

We have made analysis on which adhesive tape is the most popular among our clients.
Our custom printed tapes are on the first place, followed by packaging tapes.

Packaging tapes

All packaging tapes are delivered in two versions: noisy and low noise, it depends on the customer needs. The thickness of film we offer is from 23 microns to 32 microns in both version

transparent, brown, white packaging tape

Masking tapes

Masking tapes have their use in the construction and the automotive industry.

masking tape for outdoor applications

Special tapes - Tape and Go

Category special tapes contain: duct tape, cloth, filament, both sided adhesive tape, aluminum tape… All those tapes can be ordered in desired size and length, in depend of your needs.

Special duct tape